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LEADERSHIFT COACHING. Transforming the way you see yourself.

No matter how far you have come, there are always new places to explore, new heights to reach. Perhaps you need to create a more balanced lifestyle, perhaps you want to find your true path in life. Or maybe you are hoping to make a bigger impact in areas of life that matter to you.

Coaching will challenge the way you see yourself and your circumstances. As your coach, I will help you to clarify your values, discover your strengths and  make the most of your potential.

We will explore your present goals and challenges and take a deep dive into your wildest dreams. Who do you want to become? What do you want to achieve with your life? And most importantly, how do you want to do it?

You will learn how to challenge limiting beliefs and develop a more flexible mindset. Then you will be freed to set your course towards a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

LEADERHIP TRAINING. Creating a Leadershift.

Leadership has never been simply a matter of positional power. If you have the courage to learn, the willingness to lead and the passion to make an impact on the world, you are a leader. Right?

Coaching can help you develop a wider range of leadership capabilities. This is called horisontal development. Coaching can also help you grow your capacity to deal with the daily demands of leadership. This is called vertical development.

Leadership can be developed individually or as shared leadership with leadership teams or project teams.

You will make better decisions, deal more effectively with conflict, become a better negotiator and a more inspiring leader. Your ability to create a shared picture of reality and a compelling vision for the future will be enhanced.

Are you ready to make a leadershift?

MOVING FORWARD. Shaping your destiny.

We will design the LEADERSHIFT coaching or training programme to help you and/or your team develop your potential to the fullest. You will see that it is possible to start shaping your destiny.

If you feel it is time to close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be, please contact me and find out more about starting a coaching process.

Call +358 40 512 32 96 or leave a message with your contact details through the form below.

PS. If you do not live in Greater Helsinki area, it is possible to use Skype and Webinarjam for our coaching sessions.

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